About iProtosample.com

Who we are?

iProtosample.com has a clear vision to recreate the traditional manufacturing process by removing complex solutions and replacing it with simple yet efficient solutions.

  • We understand the complexity faced by OEMs during the prototyping ; so inorder to overcome that we are here to provide the parts in least possible time.

  • We have capability to provide solution from one pcs/ item to 1 million pcs/month

  • We’ve created a process that is effective and delivers 100% premium quality product with least lead time and fastest delivery every time

  • Rapid Prototyping is our mantra

Our Mission

Be curious about manufacturing and innovate the creation as much as possible.

Our Core Values

Customer satisfaction, Be creative, Be innovative, Enjoy the work

You’re just 4 simple steps away in giving life to your idea.

Upload you CAD drawing

Attach your CAD file on our quote page along with custom message.

Quote & Design Analysis

Within 10-12 hours we send you the design back for manufacture analysis and real-time quote.

Production Starts

Once everything is confirmed, we start the manufacturing process according to your CAD design.

Get your product

Prototypes and parts according to order will be manufactured within few days and will be delivered directly to you.

Product Development Process

Prototype Your Ideas Before Manufacturing

As a professional prototype manufacturer, we have the ability to deliver the finest visual design models, full-functional engineering prototypes, or short-run and low-volume manufacturing services, allowing you to verify your design thoroughly, and help you focus on the key elements of product development.


Create your Proof-of-Concept prototype and turn your ideas into reality. It’s important to keep the conceptualization process moving and ideas flowing along the product design process.


Show a presentation model that's nearly identical to the real product to focus groups, trade shows, or marketing activities. They can see it, hold it, and examine it from every angle.


Functional prototypes can prove and perfect your design in rigorous test scenarios, by the evaluation on materials, properties, tolerances, form fit & function, and working mechanisms.


Build up engineering prototypes to ensure products that are designed for manufacturing, and tested for functionality, manufacturability, and viability through a series of validation phases.